EXCLUSIVE: Zion & Lennox Open Up About Their Upcoming Album "Motivan2"

Zion y Lennox
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The epic duo Zion & Lennox is back and ready to take the world by storm. The Boricuas are releasing a new album six years after their last one called "Motivan2" and they are featuring some amazing collabs including one with R.Kelly. Zion & Lennox were a huge deal back in the day with hits like "Doncella", "Bandida", and "Yo Voy." After their sucess the two split up but everyone knew it wouldn't last. We spoke to the guys all about their new music and their upcoming tour with Nicky Jam

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Talk to us about your new album, Motivan2.  

Zion: Motivan2 is coming out six years since our last album. It’s a new album with a new company and a new record label Warner Music. We have the best producers in the game right now, working with us and this album. Featuring the top artists within the game right now. It has the essence of Zion and Lennox in the sound from back in the day from the first album Motivando a la Yal. Obviously what’s going on right now, the rhythm, the beat (L: the lyrics), the lyrics are updated. It’s real fresh. It’s real complete.

Lennox: We’re proud. We’re happy and excited. We’re dying for you guys to hear it soon. I know it’s going to be classic. It’s going to be another classic.

What’s it like for you two for this to be the first album that you guys have in six years?

Zion: We’ve been making music, but just dropping singles. We’re with a new label and new management team. We know everything is working, so far really well. So we’re just happy and focusing on our music and just making good music for the fans and working hard to do it the right way this time.

How would you describe the sound of your new album?

Lennox: It’s an explosion of Latin music.

Zion: It’s really an explosion. Everything sounds so elegant on the album. Like I said, it’s going to be a classic album.

Lennox: If you want to party, you have music to party.

Zion: If you want romantic little slow dances, you have it. If you want to feel like you’re in Jamaica with Reggae beats mixed with Reggaeton, you have it there. It feels really Caribbean with Reggae and Reggaeton. It has a lot of vibes. It’s a really fun album.

When are you guys planning on going on tour?

Zion: We’re going on tour in July. We’re going out with Nicky Jam. We’re going to be in 13 cities for the entire month of July. Hopefully, at the end of the year we will finish with our own tour. That’s our goal. We know we’re going to be real busy when this album drops. So, we’re just ready. We’re ready and just waiting for that moment.

When is the album dropping?

Zion: Early Summer.

Are there any new Reggaetoneros out now that you think are doing a great job and are really excited to see them kind of take off?

Zion: There’s a few of them. There’s this artist called Ozuna that has a lot of talent and I know he’s going to be an international artist. There’s been a new movement in Puerto Rico with a lot of new artists. It’s like Latin trap. They also still do Reggaeton but it’s more trap. It’s crazy and it’s a lot, there’s too many artists. It’s a lot of artists, but the new up and coming is La Sixta. She used to sing back in the day but then retired for seven years. We just signed her again and she’s looking better than ever and has so much power in her voice. She can rap, she can sing, she can do anything. She’s going to be a big artist. I’m betting on that.

Who are you guys wishing to collaborate with?

Zion: I want to work with Marc Anthony.

Lennox: Always.
Zion: I love Marc Anthony. Who doesn’t right? From the Hip Hop industry, we love Drake and Jay-Z. It’s something that is going to happen along the way. We’ve worked with Akon before, Pitbull and other different artists as well. We have a new song with R. Kelly in the album. We’re also featured on his new single, the remix, ‘All Hail to The Beat.’ It’s an up tempo beat that will be heard all over the clubs.

What was that like working with R. Kelly?

Zion: We met him a few weeks ago in Chicago. He’s coming out with his tour right now and it’s called ‘Out of the Buffet.’ He wants to show people that he’s not only an R&B singer but he’s also a great songwriter and has so much talent. He’s a legend just like us. That’s the way we feel. So, it was a beautiful thing and it all happened really fast. He went to see us perform at the Aragon Ballroom and he was so hyped he left straight to the studio to finish his parts of our song. Two days later, we had the song already and everything in our email. So, he was really positive and looking forward to working with us. He showed us a lot of respect. He did his homework and he liked our music and our sound. We didn’t have to force it. It just happened.  

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