Yet Another Reason to Believe Mariah Carey Is Pregnant

As if you needed any more! But Mariah Carey just keeps on giving us reasons to speculate over her belly, this time with rumors of a scrapped concert tour. According to the Daily News' "Gatecrasher," Mimi was planning to hit the road next year and had even booked people for her cast and crew, but now those plans have been mysteriously put on hold.

"Costume designers and dancers were all called Wednesday and told the
tour is off," said the snitch. "Most were hysterically crying because
they were relying on her for a paycheck this holiday season."

When the Daily News went straight to the source for an explanation, Mariah's rep was unsurprisingly vague: "A tour was discussed, but nothing was confirmed. I have not been told she's pregnant." Haven't been told?! That is spin doctoring at it's finest. We're impressed, Mariah's rep.

Still, there is no longer any doubt in our minds that Mariah is soooo pregnant. What about you?