EXCLUSIVE: WWE's Rosa Mendes Talks 'Total Divas' & Her Costa Rican Roots

EXCLUSIVE: WWE's Rosa Mendes Talks Total Divas

WWE Diva, Rosa Mendes, is proof that you can make your dreams come true.

The Glamazon has been successful leading other Superstars and Divas to glory, but now she is determined to put the spotlight back on herself. Mendes is starring in season three of E! network's Total Divas, where she's bringing the heat alongside best friends (and fellow Divas) Alicia Fox and Paige.

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We caught up with the Canadian-born former model to get the scoop on the second-half of Total Divas' third season, her Costa Rican and Czech roots, her search for love, and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

With additional reporting by Natalia Orozco

The other Divas were not very friendly when you first returned this season, how are you proving them wrong?

I feel like when you leave for a while and you’re new again there’s intimidation and since we don’t have very many spots for the Divas — there’s only usually one or two matches per show — it’s very, very competitive. They’re starting to get used to me and they see that I’ve worked really, really hard so I’m starting to fit into the locker room a bit better. Of course there’s always that competitiveness that will always arise, but I’m starting to fit in a lot more.

What can viewers expect in the next half of season three?

Well my two best friends, Paige and Alicia Fox, got added to the cast. We’re all really, really alike. We’re all free-spirited [and] we don’t have filters. When we all hang out together we’re so comfortable in front of each other that we are able to act like ourselves and not be shy. We’re not judgmental towards one another. So it’s really, really cool that they got added because now I can be around other Divas that are more like me, which is a lot easier for me.

Speaking of Paige and Alicia, we heard your clique rivals the Bella Twins and Cameron. How will this change the dynamic?

Well we call ourselves the three amigas and we’re very, very close. We’re very protective of one another, and we’re very tough and truthful to one another. When a problem arises we’re not afraid to call each other out and it can get very intense [Laughs] to say the least. If I get in a confrontation with other Divas, like let’s say Ariane, I’ll kind of be more reserved and I won’t voice how angry I am because she and I are not as close. I respect her and I respect her work, but we’re not as close so I won’t tell her exactly what’s pissing me off. Whereas with Paige and Alicia Fox, they’re so close to me that we’ve actually gone nose-to-nose. We never touched each other because we never do that, but it gets very, very heated [Laughs]. And after that we make-up, we hug it out, and everything’s fine but it gets to the point where we’re like, wow that was really intense.

You’ve had a lot of success in leading other Superstars and Divas to the spotlight, how do you plan to shift the focus back to you?

Actually, right now I’m managing Fandango. This is a totally new thing for me and it’s really, really cool because Fandango is extremely talented in the ring and he’s also like the hottest Superstar we have. So I might get to be very close to him and kiss him, and it’s really… [Laughs]. It’s like a Diva’s dream come true and I’m single too, so it’s nice. We dance together, and it’s a very heated flamenco dance so this just started a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been working very closely with each other and I’ve got to say I’m enjoying it very much [Laughs].

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