William Levy Returns to Cuba to Fulfill a Lifelong Dream — See the Pics

William Levy Returns to Cuba to Fulfill a Lifelong Dream of His.
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William Levy was finally able to go back to his home country of Cuba. 

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The actor visited Havana for the first time in seven years and he spoke to E! News about the experience. 

“It's so beautiful to come back to your country, with your people that you know have been through so much, and have them tell you such beautiful things,” Levy said. “They told me things like, ‘You don't know how proud we are of you and we love to see a Cuban being so successful outside of Cuba, because you know how difficult it is for us to leave this country. Seeing you making it is like us making it too.’”

Levy was joined by producers Jeff Goldberg and Eric Brenner to scout locations for an upcoming movie they are working on together. 

“There is a powerful connection between William and Cuba. I could see tears welling in William's eyes as he looked out of the airplane window,” Goldberg said. “And once he was there, everyone showed such an incredibly warm and genuine love for him.”

The 35-year-old left Cuba when he was 15 to chase his dreams of becoming a MLB baseball player. Levy will be returning to the Caribbean island to start shooting and producing his upcoming film. 

“It's just beautiful to be able to film a movie in my land. When I was there and would walk the streets or play baseball without shoes, and I would look out into the endless sea I used to wish I could go to the United States and just do what I wanted to do. Now finding myself back in my country and filming a movie there … that's just something that's so surreal, I can't even begin to explain it.”

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Check out some photos he posted from his trip: 


Walking through La Havana... #CaminandoPorLaHabana @jeffxgoldberg @etafilms

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Aquí está la foto q nos tomamos después ...

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