Who's Side Are You On? Luis Fonsi & Adamari Lopez

When the relationship between Puerto Rican sweethearts Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi hit the skids in November it was like the island's First Couple had imploded. Photos of Fonsi gallivanting around with TV hostess Lilia Luciano were featured in every tabloid and on every news broadcast.

Although the couple issued a statement right after the cheating scandal broke telling their fans that they had decided to separate, Fonsi has since denied that the couple was considering divorce. At the time they said:

"After thinking about the situation for a long time, we have decided to separate. It's a situation that we have been working on for a while and that we both understand is for the best right now. We are still, as we have been since we first met, looking out for our own peace and well-being and that of our families. Even though we both understand what our careers entail, it never stops being difficult and it never stops being hard that we barely ever see each other."

Fonsi and Lopez became a fixture in the Spanish press after Adamari underwent a very public battle with cancer and married Fonsi during this difficult time in her life. Fonsi appeared to be her rock and even canceled a worldwide tour to stay by her side through her treatment. Their love and dedication to each other inspired tons of fans.

But now, it seems that Fonsi ticket sales, as well as his reputation as a loving husband, are taking a hit. After being seemingly caught red-handed cheating on his sweetheart of a wife—first with Chilena Kenita Larrain, then with Luciano—a recent concert he held in Puerto Rico failed to sell out, and there are rumors that the crooner even had to give tickets away to fill up the seats at the venue.

Have you taken a side in this celebrity relationship scandal?