When Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie Collide

It's a wonder fireworks didn't explode when Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie met for a brief moment last night, wearing their red carpet finest to the L.A. premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Here, our imagined exchange between the two stars:

Angelina: Jennifer, your ivory Roberto Cavalli gown is to die for. How do you get your cleavage to stay perched so firmly upright?

Jennifer: The same way you get your waist to look so impossibly slim under that Ralph Lauren gown, girl.

Angelina Jolie: Of course. Silly me. We know all the tricks to stay looking superhuman, don't we?

Jennifer Lopez: We do. And to think, you have more children to raise than most women could ever imagine.

Angelina Jolie: And soon, you'll have more of your own! Thank goodness our bodies defy the physics of actual humans, otherwise we'd be in a pickle.

[In unison]: Ahahahaha...ahhhhh.

End scene.