What Guys Wish You Knew: Paul Rodriguez Jr.

Pro skater Paul Rodriguez Jr. has no tricks or flips when it comes to love—unless you want him to. Here, the 24-year old son of Mexican comedian Paul Rodriguez shares some of his best love advice:

Don’t start the games unless you’re willing to finish them.
For guys, playing hard to get is usually at the beginning stages of the relationship. And it’s probably because you’re playing games first. So we say, “Okay, you’re not too excited? Well, I’m not gonna be too excited either.”

It’s bros before broads—always.
If you’re someone my friend had serious feelings for, and I know your separation was hard for both of you, then I’m downright being a bad friend for getting involved with you. But if you’re just a girl my boy had no emotional anchor to, it’s fair game.

Let your guard down.
It’s like that Chris Rock joke where he says at first we’re not meeting the real you—we’re meeting your representative. It takes time for us to get past those so-called representatives. Maybe we need to live with you or meet your family in order to see things that will really let us know whether we can get serious or not.

We know when we’re in trouble—and how to get out of it.
Sometimes we have what I call milestone arguments with a girl. That means afterward, we don’t do whatever we did wrong again. And if we buy you flowers, we know subconsciously why we’re doing it: We messed up, and we know they make you feel better. To us, they’re just flowers, but if it works, it works.