Watch: Taylor Swift Impersonates Shakira

Let's face it. Taylor Swift can thank Kanye West for one thing—giving her the best press of her life. The entire VMA debacle solidified her as America's sweetheart. If you weren't in Swift's corner before, you certainly were after West snatched that mic out of her hand. We all wanted to stand up and protect the young singer/songwriter from the cocky, drunk rapper. And now, after watching Swift's A+ performance as host of SNL this weekend, the teen can officially do no wrong.

She managed to hold her own up against a few comedic heavyweights (Andy Samburg, Kristen Wiig), and had us laughing out loud during her uncanny impersonation our favorite "She-Wolf", Shakira. Swift even howled just like our girl. Check out the clip below and tell us what you think. Do you love Taylor Swift even more now?