Watch: Sofia Vergara Pays a Hysterical Visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Sofia Vergara is quickly becoming one of our fave celebs to cyberstalk. She makes innapropriate jokes (ahem, The View), has an adorable accent and inspires obvious jealousy in her coworkers—it is truly never a dull moment. So we weren't the least bit surprised when Vergara paid a little visit to Ellen DeGeneres and promptly told the TV hostess how she should have been properly welcomed (hint: it involves Latin music and Colombian coffee).

The funniest part of the interview came when Ellen asked Sofia to tell her how she broke into the business. Vergara began her story, "Well, I was at the beach in a g-string," at which point Ellen interrupted to joke, "That's the same story I have!"

Later on in the interview they decide to place a call to Vergara's native Colombia in an attempt to reach the president. Here's how it all went down: