Watch: Shakira May Be Fined for Illegal Behavior in Barcelona!

Dancing around in public fountains, riding a motorcycle through the streets of Barcelona, sans helmet...just another day in the life for Shakira!

Unfortunately for the pint-size pop star, the Spanish authorities were not as enchanted as her fans when they found out that Shaki broke more than one of their ordinances while filming the video for "Loca," the first single of her new album Sale el Sol. Shakira is now facing some steep fines after her fans uploaded videos and photos of her frolicking in the fountain and zipping around town without taking the proper safety precautions.

Now authorities say Shakira "did not even ask for permission to film" and "does not lead by example," despite being "a public person."

Sale el Sol is due to be released November 2.

Here Shakira is taking off on the moto:

And dancing in the fountain: