WATCH: La La Vazquez & Ciara Assure LGBTQ Youth "It Gets Better"

Alani "La La" Vazquez and her pal Ciara recently taped an inspiring video for all the youth out there struggling with their sexuality and the pressures to fit in at school. La La and Ciara are participating in Savage Love columnist and author Dan Savage's new campaign to assure LGBTQ youth that no matter what they might be going through as teenagers, they will all learn and grow stronger from their experiences and life will "get better." Savage launched the campaign with an 8-minute video posted on youtube in which he talks about his experience growing up as a gay young man, meeting his future husband and adopting a son.

Now, celebs are joining in and La La and Ciara were one of the firsts to record their heartfelt message. Check out the video below: