WATCH: Jennifer Lopez & Arod Share A Moment On the Kiss Cam

Looks like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are ready for Valentine's day a bit early. The two lovebirds were caught sharing a sweet kiss on Monday night at the University of Miami game. 

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After trying to kiss the World of Dance producer at a game a few weeks back, Rodriguez was looking to redeem himself. Once the sweet moment came for the two A-listers to share a passionate kiss, they looked at each other and the "Amor Amor Amor" singer tapped kissed him


Though this isn't the first time the arena aimed the famous Kiss Cam their way, the couple didn't shy away this time.

Early in November, the Shade of Blue actress was smooth when the camera came by as danced and helped Rodriguez cheer on his team with pom-poms. In the video below, can see that the 42-year-old Dominican athlete was totally with the kissing movement, but after feeling her vibe he kept it cool.

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Good thing, the former baseball player was able to make a comeback with a cute kiss from Lopez.