Watch: Eduardo Verastegui Comments on Ricky Martin Coming Out

Super hottie Eduardo Verastegui has (finally) commented on Ricky Martin's recent announcement that he was a "fortunate homosexual man." Why do we say "finally"? Well, for years, Verastegui was rumored to be Martin's secret lover, and when Ricky decided to have his twin baby boys via a surrogate, rumors swirled again that it was Verastegui who was the donor. On a recent trip to Barranquilla, Colombia to spread the Catholic faith, Verastegui denied the rumors, dismissing them as jokes.

In recent years, the Mexican actor has seemingly put the rumors surrounding his sexuality to rest. As one of the most vocal supporters of Prop 8 in California (the law that made same-sex marriage illegal in the state), Verastegui appeared in various PSA's stating that marriage is a sacred rite reserved only for men and women. He is also a vehement pro-life advocate and starred in the 2006 anti-abortion film Bella.

When asked about Ricky Martin's declaration of homosexuality, Verastegui responded with a vague statement, "We can't all be perfect little gold coins. We all wish it were possible, but but it's not, it's impossible." He then went on to talk about why he is against same-sex marriage rights. Check out the video below and tell us: Is this a case of "thou protesteth too much"?