Watch: Did Sofia Vergara Make Good on "Modern Family" Team's Emmy Promise?

Sofia Vergara  managed to melt the heart of every man, woman and child she encountered along the 2010 Emmy Awards red carpet. Even Access Hollywood's Billy Bush could barely hold it together when the Modern Family actress sashayed by him in her golden Carolina Herrera gown."Please don't walk by me," Bush begged. "It's too much, you're too beautiful!"

Of course, after Modern Family won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Show, everyone was wondering if the gorgeous Colombiana would make good on the promise made by the show's producers, who took out an ad in the trade magazines declaring: "If Modern Family wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd."

"I did the run and I came back," Sofia told Bush. "I mean, I’m fast. I run fast!” Watch the video below: