Video: Wilmer Valderrama Fights for Circus Animal Rights in New PETA Ad

Wilmer Valderrama has no love for the big top. In a new public awareness video for PETA, the Venezuelan and Colombian actor takes aim at circuses for their harsh treatment of elephants, bears, tigers and other creatures. "As an actor, it's my job to entertain people. Nobody forces me to perform. But sadly, animals in circuses aren't so lucky," says Valderrama in the video.



Valderrama also recalls his own experience seeing a circus act as a child in Venezuela in an interview with PETA that accompanies the PSA. "A lot of our small towns where I lived in there were a lot of circuses that would come in and out, and it was always a lot more depressing than fun, you know, because you started noticing a lot of the scars on [the animals'] legs, a lot of the hair was removed, and, you know, as a kid it was hard to wonder, you know, how they got those scars - that they were forced to do things by fear."

A Spanish-language version of the PSA will air in Puerto Rico later this month, timed with the arrival of the Ringling Bros. circus to the island.

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