VIDEO: Shakira, "I Want a Lobito!"

Shakira sat down with Spanish language eTV to talk about her new single "Loba," or "She-Wolf" as it's been dubbed in English, and how she has evolved as an artist. When asked about the predatory nature of her latest hit, Shakira explains how the song represents where she is right now in her personal life. "'Loba' has been a little bit of a reflection of my life and my liberty. As a 32-year-old woman, I feel like a have a total right to defend what I want. I think on this album in general, I speak about things a bit more frankly...maybe it's my age?"

But the juiciest tidbit came when Shakira was asked about her desire to have a litter of her own! She responded candidly to the questions about being a mother, saying, "I have a strong desire to be a mother and to have a baby. I think it's about time! Right now, right after the launch of a new album might not be the best, but I think after this tour we are going to start working on it. I hope I can give you guys some good news, we'll have to see. But I really want to, I really, really want to have my own lobito."

We're sure Shaki would make a great mami and we can't wait until she has a bouncing bundle of joy all her own.