VIDEO: Father Cutie Speaks Out on Sex Scandal, Celibacy Requirement

Father Cutié, the popular Miami-based Roman Catholic priest and relationship guru (commonly known as "Father Oprah"), spoke to Maggie Rodriguez of The Early Show this morning to address the scandal that broke last week when photos were printed of him cavorting on the beach with a lady love.

The scandal has caused a lot of folks who support Father Cutié to reconsider the celibacy requirements of the Catholic church. “I don't want to be the anticelibacy priest,” he says. “I think it's a debate that's going on in our society, and now I've become kind of a poster boy for it. But I don't want to be that. In my case it was something I struggled with for a long time in confession. And something that I never expected to become a public debate."

In a recent poll, nearly 69 percent of Catholics asked said that they believe priests should be allowed to marry. And more than 100 parishioners gathered outside St. Francis de Sales parish over the weekend, chanting their forgiveness for the reverend.

Watch the interview below and tell us: Do you believe Catholic priests should be allowed to marry? Should Father Cutié be forgiven and allowed to return to his parish?