Victoria Justice Shares Adorable Throwback Pic with Justin Timberlake

Victoria Justice Shares Adorable Throwback Pic with Justin Timberlake
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Not too long ago, Victoria Justice was just a regular teenager hoping to get a photo with her favorite celeb.

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The Victorious actress shared a charming #tbt on Instagram of when she met Justin Timberlake almost ten years ago. Like many teens, Justice, was really excited to meet the singer, but almost got turned away.

“I remember asking for a photo that day... and his publicist said no. I was about to walk away disappointed, when Justin chimed in and said, ‘No, no I'll take a picture with you.’ He made my day,” Justice wrote on Instagram.

Almost a decade later, Justice reunited with Timberlake when she was co-hosting the Teen Choice Awards. Timberlake was receiving the Decade Award, which called for another photo opt recreating her childhood memory.

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“I've never forgotten that, it made such an impression on me,” wrote the Puerto Rican beauty. “So when I knew he was going to be at Teen Choice, I thought, I have to get an updated photo. He was just as nice now as he was then.”

How adorable! And may we add that these two haven't changed a bit? See the throwback photo below.