Vanessa Lopez: The Professional Groupie?

Vanessa Lopez has a history of bedding NBA basketball stars and then taking them to court. First up was Delonte West, whom Lopez filed a complaint against back in 2006, claiming that the Cleveland Cavaliers guard made unwanted sexual advances that left her so terrified she locked herself in a bathroom until security arrived.

Next up was Orlando Magic’s J.J. Redick, whom Lopez filed a report against back in Sept. of 2007, saying that his brother was threatening her with phone calls, text messages and voicemails after their romance fizzled.

But apparently, all of those encounters were just side distractions for Lopez, who is now claiming that she was involved in a five-year affair with Shaquille O'Neal, which came to an abrupt end in Sept. of 2009 when Lopez informed the NBA superstar that she might be pregnant with his child. Lopez's lawyer, the notorious Gloria Allred, told reporters, “Ms. Lopez was late with her period and thought that she might be pregnant. She communicated this to Mr. O’Neal who responded by stating that she needed to tell the baby’s father and then went on to state that there was no way that the baby could be his."

No offense to Miss Lopez, but considering her track record, we're going to have to say that O'Neal's doubts were likely based on her history. According to Ms. Allred, the fact that O'Neal doubted Lopez was enough to end their "relationship."

“Mr. O’Neal knew that he and Ms. Lopez engaged in unprotected sex and that they had been together numerous times in the preceding months and that she had not been with anyone else during this period of time. She felt that his response was very disrespectful and she was deeply hurt and offended. Though he apologized to her for his reaction she told him that it was over and that she wanted him to leave her alone,” revealed Allred.

After the discussion about the possible pregnancy, Lopez says O'Neal went nuts. In the suit she filed against the basketball legend she says that Shaq's friends were in on the act, threatening her, texting her and calling her at all hours of the night. Lopez says that even Shaq's sisters made verbal and physical threats against her.

“I was never afraid of Shaquille O’Neal until September 29, 2009. My life has changed so much because of what I have had to endure. I now fear someone is after me. I just want this to be over. I want to feel safe again,” says Lopez.

O'Neal is no innocent man, the laundry list of women who have come out sporadically over the years and recently with more frequency are proof that he was not and is not a loyal man to his wife, Shaunie, who recently filed for divorce. But Lopez's history of bedding rich NBA players and then taking them to court seems a bit fishy too. Tell us: Who do you believe?