UPDATE: Jesus Luz and Madonna Call it Quits

After a year of dating, Madonna and her hot, young Brazilian boyfriend are reportedly over.

It was apparently Jesus Luz’s decision to end things with his superstar lover, reports the Chicago Sun Times (via Huffington Post). Luz, 23, couldn’t quite come to terms with the couple’s significant age difference (Madonna is 51) and lack of shared interests.

"How long could it last? How it even lasted a year seems a miracle to a lot of people," a source told ShowbizSpy.com. "Or as Madonna told me, 'We've just run out of things to talk about.’”

The source claims to have been told by Madonna, the mother of 4 children, that the couple shared very little. "'It's really pushing it for us to have common ground these days. We have Kabbalah, that's about it.'"

Madonna and Luz met at a photo shoot for W Magazine in December 2008.

UPDATE: Looks like these reports were a bit hasty! Madonna and Juz were spotted getting cozy at this week's London premier of Tom Ford's A Single Man, according to the NY Daily News.

“They were all over each other and were even kissing in front of everyone,” a spy told the paper. “They looked like they were still very much an item,” although the snitch added that while Jesus snuck out right before the party ended, Madonna stayed until the venue closed.