Here's What Happens When Two Girls Named Selena Gomez Meet For The First Time


Imagine yourself sitting in a room and being told that you are going to meet Selena Gomez for the first time.

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Well that was what happened when a young woman was told that she was going to meet 'Selena Gomez" -- just not the original Bad Liar singer she was probably expecting. 

In a video released by FBE, two college students met each other for the first time, as both were brought in separately with the purpose of meeting another person named Selena Gomez. At first, just one of the girls is sitting at a table questioning if she is going to meet the 25-year-old star.

When the other Gomez arrived, both girls were stunned that they’re not meeting the Gomez they were expecting, but shocked at how they also share the same name.

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As the video goes on, both girls partake in icebreakers and share their own experiences about sharing the same name and how people also compare them to the singer.

Get ready to start laughing at the video above.