Our Top 10 Latino Soccer Hotties

The Copa America is kicking off tomorrow and though Mexico is riding high off their recent win over the U.S.A. national team in the Campeón de la Copa Oro 2011 and Brazil has won the last two Copa America tournaments, perhaps this year a lesser known Latin American country will get a chance to shine.

But before you get all suited up in your national colors, we have a little confession to make: A large part of the reason we're fútbol enthusiasts is because these soccer players are just so darn cute! Have you ever seen such a gorgeous group of guys assembled for your viewing pleasure before? We'll gladly sit through all the games with our fellas just to take in the eye candy.

Here's an easy guide to some of our favorite Latino fútbol hotties. Obviously we can't list them all (there are way to many beautiful boys to consider here, chicas), but this is a good start! Tell us who we missed in the comments below and enjoy...

1. World Cup Hotties: Rafa Marquez

Name: Rafael Márquez
Position: Center Back
Team: Mexico

Rafa Márquez is one of the Mexican national team's most beloved players (and it's easy to see why)! He's also the first ever Mexican soccer player to win the Champions League (with Barcelona in 2006).


2. World Cup Hotties: Diego Forlan

Player: Diego Forlán
Position: Striker

This beautiful blond boy has soccer in his blood. Both Diego's father, Pablo Forlán, and his maternal grandfather, Juan Carlos Corazo, played professional futbol. Forlán (and his abs) also play for Atlético Madrid.

3. World Cup Hotties: Sergio Romero

Player: Sergio Romero
Position: Goalkeeper

Sergio Romero plays as a goalkeeper for Serie A club Sampdoria. And he's a hot dad. 

4. World Cup Hotties: Nicolas Lodeiro

Player: Nicolás Lodeiro
Position: Midfielder
Team: Botafogo

The young Lodiero is constantly compared with that other South American phenom, Lionel Messi, due to his impressive command of the ball and excellent technique. But we think this 24-year-old is way cuter!

5. World Cup Hotties: Carlos Bocanegra

Player: Carlos Bocanegra
Position: Center Back

This Mexican American defensive back is a Cali boy all the way. Born and raised in the Golden state, Bocanegra went on to play soccer for the UCLA Bruins before signing on with the MLS Chicago Fire in 2000. He is the former captain of the USA team and currently plays for Racing de Santander on loan from Rangers.

6. World Cup Hotties: Roque Santa Cruz

Player: Roque Santa Cruz
Position: Striker

Roque Santa Cruz is a goal scoring machine for the Paraguayan national team. He scored three goals in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers and currently plays for Málaga CF on loan from Manchester City.

7. World Cup Hotties: Luis Fabiano

Player: Luis Fabiano
Position: Striker

Luis Fabiano is known as the "bad boy" of Brazilian soccer, which only makes him that much sexier! When he's not scoring (or fighting) for Brazil, he plays for Sevilla FC.

8. World Cup Hotties: Maicon

Player: Maicon
Position: Right Back

In a controversial turn of events, defensive player Maicon was chosen as the starter in the right back position over the much more famous Dani Alves (the most expensive defensive soccer player ever). Maicon also plays for Internazionale.

9. World Cup Hotties: David Suazo

Player: David Suazo
Position: Striker (Retired)

David Suazo kept it all in the family: He and his cousin Maynor Suazo both played for the Honduran national team while another cousin, Hendry Thomas, also plays professionally. David is now retired but once scored goals for Genoa when he wasn't playing for his country.

10. World Cup Hotties: Alexis Sanchez

Player: Alexis Sanchez
Position: Forward

When Alexis Sanchez was 21, he was named by World Soccer Magazine as one of the 50 most exciting teenagers to watch a few years ago and scored two goals against Bolivia during the 2010 World Cup Qualifier. Now 24, he plays for La Liga side FC Barcelona and the Chile national team as a forward.

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