Tony Parker Files for Divorce from Eva Longoria

Tony Parker followed the lead of his soon-to-be-ex wife of three years, Eva Longoria and filed for divorce in Texas over the weekend. What started off as an amicable split— with Eva tweeting, "We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness"— seems to be turning a bit sour.

When Longoria filed for divorce, she indicated that she would pursue spousal support, and apparently we weren't the only ones surprised to see the request on her divorce papers. A source close to the couple told that Parker is not only angry about the request for spousal support, but also about the fact that Longoria has painted herself as a victim in the media and divulged details about the sexting with Erin Barry and Tony's previous infidelities.

"They've had some heated conversations about that and behind the scenes the divorce is not friendly, despite what both parties have said publicly. He [Tony] doesn't want to pay her spousal support and doesn't thing he has that obligation," the source insists.

The San Antonio Spurs star recently signed a lucrative extension with the NBA team, but the couple signed a prenup before they were married so no one is sure what Longoria is entitled too.

We hope this doesn't get too ugly.