Thalia Dishes on Her Pregnancy, Her New Book and Having More Babies

Thalia's new book, Thalia: ¡Radiante! Your Guide to a Fit and Fabulous Pregnancy recently hit bookstores so we chatted with the Mexicana superstar to find out what shocked her most about being pregnant, how her mothering style has changed now that her daughter Sabrina has hit the terrible twos, and what her plans are for expanding her brood.

What experiences surprised you most about being pregnant and becoming a mother for the first time?
All those fairytales that your mother tells you or your sisters that have kids or your friends tell you, they are nothing compared to the moment that you become a mother! It’s so incredibly life changing and so inspiring for you to be a better you, a better version of yourself. It just allows you to get to know the world from a different perspective.

What was the best advice that you received when you were pregnant with Sabrina?
The best one was for my morning sickness because the first three months of my pregnancy I had a sea-sick kind of feeling. Some friends told me to keep some Wasa crackers on my night table and to eat the crackers before getting out of bed. You wait five to ten minutes so they absorb all that craziness in your stomach before you move, and that was a great help. The other one was ginger. I started to do ginger tea and that was phenomenal, it was really incredibly healthy and effective.

What made you want to write a book about new and first-time moms?
While I was pregnant, I received a lot of books as presents and when I started going through them I realized that they were creating a feeling of anxiety within me. Everything was so dramatic! I gave my book a distinctive, positive spin about embracing your pregnancy and feeling gorgeous. While you’re pregnant, you should love it! I talked to my doctor, Dr. Cramer, and he gave all the real medical input in the book. Then I called a photographer friend who I’ve worked with for many years and said, “Every trimester you are going to come by my house and we are going to start documenting my pregnancy.” It was very organic.

Do you think your parenting style has changed since your daughter Sabrina was a newborn? She’s almost two years old!
I know, she’s so old! In the beginning I was very anxious all the time, very alert, very nervous. Everything is so new and you don’t want to make any mistakes, you want to be the perfect mother, you want to be super girl, but that doesn’t exist. But then you realize that you have to relax and let go and you are doing the best that you can do in your knowledge at this precise moment in your life.

Do you think you’re going to be adding to your family anytime soon?
Well, Sabrina is like four babies at once! She’s unstoppable, she’s like a hurricane—if God doesn’t give me any other ones I’m covered. But in the future I would love to continue growing as a family…definitely, that’s something in the future to come.

If you are in the NYC area, be sure to catch Thalia tonight! She'll be greeting fans and signing copies of her new book at 7PM at the Borders Book Store in Penn Plaza (33rd Street & 7th Avenue).