Still No Wedding Plans for Nicole Richie

Don't hold your breath for photos of Nicole Richie in a couture wedding dress. Though the petite star is now expecting her second child with boyfriend Joel Madden, she tells Japan's ViVi magazine that she doesn't plan to tie the knot with him anytime soon.

"I don't know about the future," says Richie. "I make it a custom not to plan the future. I may plan to and I may not."

Richie also dishes on her daughter, Harlow, who is starting to look more like mami—"She had a close resemblance to Joel at the time of birth...but, she [now] looks like me because of her green eyes and
blonde hair"—and says that even though she's a busy mother, she still likes to hit the town in heels every once in a while. "I wear jeans and a T-shirt and no makeup when I am with my daughter, but I take care of my 'adult time' too. I like to go
to restaurants and bars in high-heeled shoes and dresses when I have
free time. Because I am still 27 years old, you know?"

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton tells that she hopes her BFF's second child is a boy. "I would love for Harlow to have a little brother to look after her."

We agree that would be an adorable long as Paris isn't in line for babysitting duties!