Steppin' Out: February 22 - 26

Jessica Alba and family play in the sandbox. Plus Eva Longoria Parker, Rosario Dawson, Jamie Lynn Sigler and more.

1. 022610 Steppin Out Jessica Alba Cash Warren Honor

Family Affair: Jessica Alba, her husband Cash Warren and their daughter Honor Marie spend some quality time together at the sandbox in a park in Los Angeles. Look how smitten Cash is with his darling daughter!

2. 022610 Steppin Out Rosario Dawson

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Rosario Dawson and one of her gal pals goof off at the Bon Bon party featuring Amanda LePore's burlesque show at Juliet nightclub in New York City.

3. 022610 Steppin Out Nicole Richie

Kodak Moment: Mami Nicole Richie takes time to kiss son Sparrow in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris while she is there presenting her new fashion line 'Winter Kate'.

4. 022610 Steppin Out JLS Lance Bass Kellan Lutz

In Sync: Jamie Lynn Sigler, her BFF Lance Bass and Kellan Lutz party together at Armani Exchange celebrates Neverwood High's Carlos Lopez's Birthday at Bar 210 in Los Angeles on Feb. 25.

5. 022610 Steppin Out Jeremy Renner & Eva Longoria Parker

Good Luck Hug: Eva Longoria Parker shows her support for Best Actor Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker) at Entertainment Weekly's Party to Celebrate the Best Director Oscar Nominees on Feb. 25 in Los Angeles.

6. 022510 Steppin Out Jesus Luz

Having A Ball: Madonna's boy toy, Jesus Luz, distracts himself with a soccer ball on the beach in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Madonna, along with her daughters Mercy James and Lourdes Leon, recently visited Jesus for Canival in Rio. They managed to put all those break up rumors to rest.

7. 022510 Steppin Out Gael Garcia Bernal & Kate Hudson

On Set Sillies: Co-stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Kate Hudson share some laughs while filming their movie Earthbound in New Orleans. Looks like Kate has forgotten all about that baseball player.

8. 022510 Steppin Out Nicole Richie

Put Your Hands in the Air: Nicole Richie shows her excitement as she presents her new fashion line 'Winter Kate' at Galeries Lafayette on Feb. 24 in Paris.

9. 022510 Steppin Out Pitbull

The Gameplayer: Rapper Pitbull was treated like a king in Domino Park in Little Havana, Miami. He was presented as the King of Carnival Street 8 just in time for the celebrations in Miami on March 14.

10. 022510 Steppin Out Fergie

Mr. Roboto: Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas shows off her stiff dance moves when she and the rest of the peas performed at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 24 in New York City.

11. 022410 Steppin Out Selena Gomez

Golfing Buddies: The former couple, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, spark rumors by practicing their golfing skills together in Los Angeles this past weekend.

12. 022410 Steppin Out Marc & JLo

A Spectacle: Marc Anthony scratches his head in confusion at the Nice Airport in France on Feb. 20. Could it be because of Jennifer's amusing eyewear choice, new airport security measures or Jennifer being dropped by her music label? We are baffled by all three too, Marc!

13. 022410 Steppin Out Robert Verdi & Rosario Dawson

Two Trendy: Stylist Robert Verdi gives Rosario Dawson some fashion tips at the Opening of 2010 The Whitney Biennial celebrated by Tommy Hilfiger at his Fifth Avenue store on Feb. 23 in New York City.

14. 022410 Steppin Out Antonio Banderas

Razor Required: Looks like Antonio Banderas should be the one asking "to shave or not shave?" instead of Ricky Martin! He was spotted with a full scruffy beard in Barcelona on Feb. 23 while filming his new movie Knockout.

15. 022410 Steppin Out Michelle Rodriguez

In the Hot Seat: Michelle Rodriguez gets grilled by host Piero Chiambretti on his show Chiambretti Night on Feb. 23 in Milan, Italy. Watch out, Piero, she bites!

16. 022310 Steppin Out Juanes

Furry Kisses: Juanes receives some attention from members of the cast of Sesame Street on the red carpet at the 2010 AFTRA AMEE Awards on Feb. 22 in New York City. He was awarded the Best Sound Recordings Artist Award for his chart success in the United States and his charity work with My Blood Foundation and Peace Without Borders. We agree that kisses are in order.

17. 022310 Steppin Out JLS

Steppin' Up: As cute as we thought Jamie Lynn Sigler was with her Entourage costar, Jerry Ferrera, we have to admit that Twilight star Kellan Lutz is way hotter. The two were seen at the Opening Book party for Nine Zero One Salon in Hollywood on Feb. 22.

18. 022310 Steppin out Sarah Ramos

Tough Love: Parenthood co-stars Miles Helzer and Sarah Ramos (formerly of American Dreams fame) have a little fun at a Los Angeles event for their new show, which premieres on NBC on March 2 at 10PM.

19. 022310 Steppin Out Shakira

Rockin' for a Cause: Shakira does her best Price Is Right impression while unveiling her Artist Spotlight T-shirt at Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, D.C. on February 22. Hard Rock cafe will sell Shakira-designed T-shirts and beaded bracelets, with the proceeds going to benefit her Pies Descalzos Foundation. Check them out at

20. 022310 Steppin Out Shayne Lamas

Creepy Congratulations: Lorenzo Lamas's daughter, Shayne, arrives at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills to celebrate his fifth engagement. Perhaps the balloon is meant to be a present for her father's child bride?

21. 022210 Steppin Out Eva Longoria Parker

Her Day: Eva Longoria Parker celebrates Eva Longoria Parker Day at Eve Nightclub at Crystals in Las Vegas on February 20. Eva Longoria Parker was honored in Las Vegas with her own day when she received The Latin Chamber of Commerce Distinguised Business Leadership Award. Congratulations, Eva!

22. 022210 Steppin Out Eddie & LeAnn

Poker Pals: Eddie Cibrian from CSI:Miami and country singer LeAnn Rimes try their luck at the 8th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational Commerce Casino in Los Angeles on February 20.

23. 022210 Steppin Out Lourdes Leon

Risk Taker: Madonna's oldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, shows off her unique style on the streets of New York City on February 20.

24. 022210 Steppin Out Jennifer Lopez

Italian Interview: Before her performance at the 60th Sanremo Song Festival in San Remo, Italy, on February 19, Jennifer Lopez answers Antonella Clerici's questions.

25. 022210 Steppin Out Eva Mendes

Mad Dash: Eva Mendes rushes across the street in her platform espadrilles to get to the Smile Care Salon in Beverly Hills.