11 Stars Reveal What Makes Them Proud to Be Latino

What makes you proud to be Latino? Hispanic Heritage Month officially kicked off on September 15, and in honor of this month-long celebration, we asked some of our favorite stars to tell us how they would answer that question. Here's what they said:

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1. Ray Diaz

Ray Diaz

"We’re very passionate loving people and at the same time artistic as well — and we’re not minorities anymore, I think, in this country. So I think people are starting to catch on to that and they are starting to think, hey Latinos are more than gang bangers, janitors or whatever negative. So I’m very proud to be Latino now and we are starting to take that forefront now, and people are taking notice of us."

2. Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez

"I'm beyond in love with the fact that I'm Latina. I love my culture, our power, passion for life, values, flavor and everything that makes us unique."

3. Henry Santos

Henry Santos

"The best part of being Hispanic is the music, art, food and the mixture in cultures within one descent. Our Hispanic culture is a blend, and we represent and lead in different parts of the world. I'm proud to be Hispanic because we continue to merge ourselves with other cultures to create new rituals by keeping our own traditions."

4. Kate del Castillo

Kate del Castillo

"Oh my god, everything about it! We have a history, you know? We have traditions. We are very united as a family. The mother; the parents; it's all about the family and traditions. We don't kick our sons out of our houses when they're 18. You know what I mean? So, that I love."

5. Dev


"It's so much! The traditions. The family aspects: my parents always raised us to be close and have family values. I grew up Catholic, and going to Church everyday. Those are the things that I think are important, and that I want to teach my daughter."

6. Betsy Landin

Betsy Landin

"I think one of the things that makes me the most proud to be Latina is that I have so much culture that comes along with being a Latina. I feel like sometimes my friends who are Americans are like, you guys are so family oriented, and you make great food, and you’re always so happy, and your music is so happy, and I think that’s a wonderful thing we have as Latinos. We, no matter what kind of hardship we might have, we honor family, [and] we honor our country no matter where we live here in the states."

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

"Defying the status quo and diminishing the limitations or the prejudices of what that means, and realizing that it’s modern America. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, and it’s rich in culture and values. I guess just kind of sustaining that. It’s also really great to be a businesswoman and employ so many people and come at it as a minority and a woman — and to be able to be the boss — there’s something really cool about that."

8. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice

"So many things! I think my great grandma makes me proud to be Latina — she’s 93 years old and the feistiest, most got-it-together woman. She's a strong lady, and she was born in Puerto Rico. She makes me proud to be Latina."

9. Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot

"Everything about me makes me feel proud to be Latina: the food, the music, my body, my family, my culture. We are such a close culture. There are so many things about being Latina that just makes me proud! It's hard to pinpoint one thing. I love everything about being a Spanish girl! It makes me what I am."

10. Gabriela Isler

Gabriela Isler

"Being a Latina is all encompassing. I think being a Latina is about being something different that makes you unique in the world. You should be proud to speak another language. I think all the different types of Latinas are great and diverse!"

11. Cara Santana

Cara Santana

"I just think culturally, if you look at where people have come from, you respect the journey of where Latin people came from and what they had to do to get where they are or any cultural really that has so much pathos with it. I would just say the heritage and really understanding where your people come from."