Star Tracker: Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey and more

—Unfortunately for his Puerto Rican fans, Marc Anthony was forced to cancel his recent tour stop in San Juan due to a bout with laryngitis. Spokeswoman Blanca Lasalle said a doctor ordered him to rest his voice for 48 hours.

—Are you loving the sci-fi thriller The Event? Well, you're not alone! NBC has just agreed to give it a real shot by ordering up a full season of the show, which features an Afro-Cuban president and First Lady (played by Blair Underwood and Lisa Vidal).

—Also achieving success is the West Coast reboot of a NYC fave, Law & Order. Alfred Molina stars in L & A: Los Angeles, which also recently received an order from NBC for a full season.

Mariah Carey fans should be looking for the singer in an unlikely place! The diva is putting her high-maintenance tendencies to the side and rolling up her sleeves to help a family achieve their dream home on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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