Star Crossed! The Best Celebrity Couples Right Now

The whole "no two couples are alike" theory rings especially true in Hollywood, where celeb pairings—from marriages to bromances to unconfirmed affairs!—come in all shapes and sizes. In honor of Valnetine's Day, we decided to honor our favorite star-crossed lovers of right now. So take a look, and let us know if we've missed one of your favorites...Happy San Valentín!

1. Couples - Long Lasting

The Long Lasting Marriage

Here's one couple that didn't let pesky divorce rumors hold them down! Daytime hostess and soap star Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are approaching their 13th anniversary, and still going strong. What's more, their body language oozes sincere passion, and they never let fame get in the way of their family. Kelly and Mark, we salute you!

2. Couples - Open Relationship

The Open Relationship

At first, it seems easy to brush off Salma Hayek's relationship with Francois Henri-Pinault, rumored "playboy" and mother of Valentina Paloma, as a bizarre joke. Then you realize that what Salma's essentially got is a close, wealthy friend with benefits and a fabulous indepedent life of her own, and you can't help but think...maybe we're the weird ones?

3. Couples - Bromance

The Bromance

Yes, Frankie Delgado and Brody Jenner wear the banner proudly, and Mario Lopez and Oscar De La Hoya surely compare muscles from time to time (in our daydreams, that is), but the bromantic union of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna is like no other. These best friends and creative partners do everything together, from filming makeout scenes to raising babies, and their chemistry in the upcoming brotherly love-hate flick, Rudo y Cursi, is as smoking as their looks. Hermano-ly love never looked so good!

4. Couples - Newlyweds

The Newlyweds

Newlywed couples always act extra lovey dovey with each other, but Fergie and Josh Duhamel, who finally tied the knot in January, do it with ease...almost as though they weren't being photographed 24/7! With that attitude, they're going to make great parents.

5. Couples - TMI

The TMI Couple

Do we like the matchup of pop songstress Jessica Simpson with football hottie Tony Romo? Sure. Does that mean we want to hear about every, single, teeny, tiny fluctuation in their relationship status? A resounding no.

6. Couples - Dysfunctional

The Dysfunctional Marriage

Now that rumors about their divorce have simmered down, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony must be basking in their palatial Long Island home, hand in hand, cheek to cheek and eyes lovingly locked, as twins Max and Emme gurgle peacefully in the adjoining room.

Actually, we're pretty sure the opposite is true—just look at them!—but no matter, because we love them just the way they are. A drama-free couple is a boring couple, no crees?


7. Couples - Hipster

The Hipster Lovebirds

When Natalie Portman and indie rocker Devendra Banhart split up, we thought no one would replace their niche place in coupledom. Enter model Agyness Deyn and her Argentinean flame, former Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr., who with their shared love of vintage apparel, edamame and freak folk, are able to warm the hearts of even the most disaffected hipsters. Sigh.

8. Couples - Self Love

The Self-Lover

Mario Lopez can't fool us! The TV host swore he'd never go shirtless again, but not before releasing a workout book with his finely chiseled torso emblazoned on the cover. Must've been easier to make that promise knowing that your abs would be preserved in print (and this slideshow), huh, M. Lo? Luckily for him, women love a man with confidence.

9. Couples - May December

The May-December Romance

This one does not go out to consummate cougar Madonna and one of her two Latin lovers. We're giving it to Rosie Perez, who actually has a solid and loving relationship with younger hottie Ramon Rodriguez (of HBO's The Wire and the upcoming Transformers sequel). From the looks of their body language, Rosie and Ramon are in it for the long haul.


10. Couples - Get A Room

The PDA Couple

We'd like to address this caption directly to Tony Parker and his wife, Eva Longoria—seriously, can you guys get a room already? We've never seen a pair more publicly in love than you two, because that would be impossible. We strongly recommend that you take your passion indoors: as a matter of fact, go home, snuggle up under the covers and get to babymaking. You know you want to!


11. Couples - BFFs

The BFFs

Like a second generation Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, Teen queens Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato first met in their toddler years at an audition for Barney and have been pals ever since. In fact, even as we type this, they are on Twitter plugging one another's TV projects and discussing ham sandwiches and pickles. It doesn't much get much cuter than that, people!

12. Couples - Unconfirmed

The Unconfirmed Relationship

Silver-haired CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is a blind item mainstay in the gossip columns, thanks to well-placed sources who have spotted him spending quality time with various unidentified Latino men. One of those men happens to be Real World Brooklyn's J.D. Ordoñez, who recently gave our Vivo por Tivo blogger a suspicous response when asked about his rumored relationship with the talking head.

Anderson, if what they say is true, we just want you to know that we support you! Also, you have fabulous taste.

13. Couples - Dream Team

The Dream Team

We remember the first time we heard that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were dating, just like it was yesterday. We shrieked. We celebrated. We may have even shed a few tears. And while even now they still deny us the pleasure of seeing them link arms in public, all we have to do is see their sizzling dynamic on display in Vicky Cristina Barcelona to know that this is one match made in heaven.