Sofia Vergara on Skinny Starlets: "I Look Better Naked!"

Sofia Vergara recently sat down with LA Times writer Maria Elena Fernandez for an in-depth interview about her starring role on the hit TV show, Modern Family, and how being Latina makes everything a little different in Hollywood. From body image issues to hair dye, Vergara no tiene pelo en la lengua and we love it! Here are some of her most memorable answers:

On dyeing her hair dark brown again in order to land "Latina" parts:

I started auditioning here and I had the accent, the body and the attitude for the Latin woman, but they don't associate "blond" with us. I went for a screen test, and they asked me to come with dark hair. I thought it looked better because I have darker eyebrows. So now they believe me that I'm Latin. [Laughs] I always joke that if they throw me in a chlorine pool, all my Latin is going away—my hair and my self-tanner!

On improvising on the show:

They can't control me! Now, what's happening is they're getting my rhythm, my language and my mistakes, but sometimes they'll write something and it's impossible for me to say it because I have a very strong and bad accent. I don't even ask. I just do it the way I know I can say it.

On her costars not understanding her (cough, Julie Bowen, cough):

I have a great time on set. I see how everyone looks at me, "This woman is crazy." What I eat, how I talk, how I fight on the phone. You think you're normal, but then you go work with Americans and they're like, "What is this?"

But our favorite part of the interview comes towards the end, when Vergara starts talking about the pressure to lose weight in Hollywood. Her response? "When they told me to lose weight, I was like, are they playing a joke on me? I've always been known for my body! ... My friend says that the other actresses look better than me on TV because they're skinny. And I'm like, 'Yeah, but I look better naked!' "