What Peggy Bundy Would've Been Like If Played By Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara gave fans a preview of her newest (and hilarious!) shoot for The Hollywood Reporter, where we see Vergara channeling her inner Peggy Bundy of the hit '80s sitcom Married With Children, alongside Modern Family co-star Ed O’Neill in all his Al Bundy glory,

With Vergara really looking the part in her leopard leggings and sky-high hair ‘do, we began to wonder what the show would have been like if the Colombiana really did play one of America’s favorite moms. Take a look:

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1. Peggy Bundy wouldn’t be her usual, lazy self. 

If Sofia Vergara played Peggy, she’d make her Colombian ancestors proud as a well-to-do, active housewife. Bundy’s usual lazy ways would go out the window and be replaced with the Latina’s knack for cooking and cleaning, and hopefully even have homemade empanadas on the table by the day’s end.

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2. Peggy Bundy would be a powerhouse businesswoman.

Peggy chooses to stay at home rather than venture out into the working world to make a name for herself. With a Sofia-fied Peggy, however, things would be quite different, considering her success in various industries.

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3. The Bundys would be television's leading Latino familia.

The Married with Children family included Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, and kids Bud and Kelly Bundy, but if Sofia Vergara stepped in, we know we'd see many more family members than that. Vergara's cast would include many more aunts, uncles, and distant cousins, being that the Latina familia spans far and wide.

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4. Reese Witherspoon would play Marcy D’arcy. 

Marcy D'Arcy was the quirky next door neighbor and best friend to Peggy Bundy. Who better to take her role than Vergara's new bestie Reese Witherspoon?

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5. The theme song would be much, much different.

The Married with Children theme song ("Love and Marriage" by Ray Hensley) became one of the most popular on television. But if Vergara stepped in, we know she would want to tap into her Colombian roots for a song worthy of moving your hips. May we suggest something like Shakira's "Loca?" After all, Peggy Bundy does drive her husband crazy on a day to day basis.