Watch Sofia Vergara Give Ellen DeGeneres a Late Birthday Gift From her Boobs

WATCH: Sofia Vergara Give Ellen DeGeneres' a Late Birthday Gift From her Boobs

Sofia Vergara knows how to give gifts. 

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The actress went on The Ellen DeGeneres but realized she had forgotten Ellen DeGeneres' birthday so she decided to give her something extra special. Vergara pulled out two, used Head and Shoulder travel shampoos from her boobs! 

"I forgot your birthday. It was, like, a couple of weeks ago, no?" she said before pulling out the bottles. "But I brought you a little gift because I was thinking of you. I went to Bora Bora so I used two days of if, but I think you have leftover like two or three days for when you travel." 

DeGeneres laughed and responded with, "Thank you so much, they're nice and warm!"

Vergara was quick to respond, "Why do you need to bother with a purse when you have gigantic boobs, no?!"

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Check out the video and see the madness go down for yourselves: