Sneak Peek at Gisele Bündchen in Her Wedding Dress

While we breathlessly await official photos from Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's surprise wedding, we'll have to contend ourselves with some fuzzy, long-range footage from TMZ, which posted this video of the supermodel entering St. Monica Catholic church in her wedding dress.

The clip seems to confirm that Bündchen wore an ivory, body-hugging dress with a floor-length veil, and it also shows her holding Brady's 18-month-old son, John Edward Thomas, inside the church.

Meanwhile, The Insider reports that even the couple's closest loved ones had no idea they were attending a wedding until the very last minute. A source tells the show that guests "thought they were going to a christening at a church." Ah, the old christening-wedding bait and switch! Works every time.

It looks like Bündchen and Brady's honeymoon is on hold for now, as the Brazilian stunner was spotted going out for a stroll in Studio City with friends on Monday. Lately, a lot of celebrities are delaying their honeymoon until long after their wedding night. Would you ever put your honeymoon on hold in the same way?