Shakira's Presidential Performance

Shakira put on a big show in New York city this week for a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden. Front and center at the concert were Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, who are in town for the United Nations General Assembly. The Presidents took pictures with fans as they were escorted to their respective seats by Secret Service. Shakira personally thanked them both from the stage for coming to see her.

The Colombian pop icon made a grand entrance through the audience, greeting fans as she opened the show with a dreamy ballad. When Shaki hit the stage she expressed to the crowd how “happy” she was to finally be at Madison Square Garden, and made a promise to her fans: “Tonight I’m all yours. I’m here to please you. All I ask is that you have a good time.”

Shakira followed through on her promise, shimmying and shaking her hips up and down the stage for two hours, including through a two-minute belly dance routine that kept the crowd spellbound. As far as the pop stars edict to "have a good time," the atmosphere was like New Years eve in Times Square- bright lights, ecstatic people, and lots of confetti (during “Waka Waka”). We'd have to say: Mission accomplished!