Shakira Visits School in Soweto, South Africa

Shakira visited a local school in Soweto, South Africa before the World Cup Kick-Off concert yesterday to help support 1Goal, a non-profit organization run by the Global Campaign for Education. 1Goal is using the 2010 World Cup and the stars and soccer players involved to draw attention to the promise made by world leaders as part of the UN Millennium Development Goals to provide accessible primary school education for all children by 2015. "The World Cup is a great opportunity to bring attention to very important issues, such as the 72 million children who go without education worldwide,”  Shakira noted.

During her visit to the Isu’lihle Primary School, Shakira spoke with students and learned about their hopes for the future. The pint-sized pop star even took some time to dance the "Waka Waka" from her official World Cup anthem with the kids. "It was so important for me to see a South African primary school first hand," Shakira said. "These are incredible kids with enormous potential and skills and hopefully their full potential can be reached with the hard work of their dedicated teachers. Most importantly, we need the commitment from our world leaders to ensure every child, everywhere, has access to a quality education.”