Shakira on Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem's Marriage & Babies

Last night at the Premios Juventud, we had a chance to catch up with Shakira, the recipient of various honors, including the very special "Supernova" honor. Shaki took the time to congratulate her friend Penelope Cruz on her recent nuptials. "I'm very happy for Penelope and Javier," Shakira told "We found out recently. They got married in the Bahamas, a place that they absolutely love. They really deserve to be together. They adore each other."

As for when she's getting married to longtime boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, we already know that there is no rush for the global pop star since Shaki told us recently that she's happy to be "Antonio's eternal girlfriend."

She might not be eager to walk down the aisle, but Shaki does seem to have babies on the brain. When asked if she plans on becoming a mom now that the World Cup is over, Shakira told us that even though she's looking forward to having "a huge belly," a baby will have to wait until after the release of her all-new Spanish album in September and her fall tour in support of She Wolf.