Is Shakira the New Bono?

It's no secret that Shakira is a huge philanthropist. She has her own foundation Pies Descalzos, founded in 1995. She regularly works with America Latina en Accion Solidaria or ALAS foundation alongside Latin American leaders and presidents and managed to raise $200 million from philanthropists Carlos Slim Helu and Howard Buffett (son of Warren) in 2008. The pint-sized pop star is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and convinced the Clinton Global Initiative to donate $45 million dollars to help the victims of natural disasters and build up education initiatives across Central and South America.

Shakira's appeal is global. As the face of the 2010 World Cup, she won over the world with her cover of "Waka Waka/ Time fo Africa," and with a return to her roots with her new album Sale el Sol, her popularity is sure to reach dizzying new heights.

“It’s like I found myself again,” Shakira said. “You get influenced by everything you hear on the radio, or maybe by what you feel that other people’s expectations are. But then you suddenly realize that everything you need to write about is what’s inside of you — to not look outside but inside.”

Her fundraising and global appeal inevitably lead to comparisons with the only other rock star around who has managed to hold such political and philanthropic influence: Bono. If Shaki continues down the path she seems so determined to follow, we have no doubt she will soon eclipse the U2 frontman as the most dedicated celebrity philanthropist in the world.