#MCM: The Sexiest Men from Latin America

These guys are all different countries across Latin American, and each one of them brings a whole new meaning to the word caliente. From the gorgeous Wilmer Valderrama to the adorable Oscar Isaac, check out these chicos:

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1. Brazil

Rodrigo Santoro is hottie from Brazil, and we love every bit of this photo. We are mesmerized by his abs! 

2. Mexico

Diego Boneta is a hottie with a body, and we love all of it! Not only does he have good looks, he is also one of the sweetest celebs around. 

3. Colombia

Wilmer Valderrama, an Americna actor of Colombian-Venezuelan descent, is practically on fire in this photo! We are sure Demi Lovato loves to see this side of him all the time. 

4. Argentina

Sebastian Rulli is the Argentine telenovela star that is always popping up on the small screen — sometimes as the villian, sometimes as a good guy. Rulli's body is amazing, and we love looking at every inch of it. 

5. Peru

Christian Meier is one sexy telenovela star, and we can't wait for him to be back on the small screen. He looks like he is ready to pounce! 

6. Venezuela

Edgar Ramirez is one Venezuelan hunk that we love to watch in the movies. We can't wait to see him in The Girl on the Train

7. Chile

Pedro Pascal made his way into our hearts during his time on Game of Thrones. It's all about the sexy bed head, right?

8. Ecuador

Diego Serrano is one Ecuadorian that just keeps aging like a fine wine. His ex, Cote de Pablo, was one lucky lady! 

9. Guatemala

Oscar Isaac has been on the rise, and we definitely don't mind seeing him all over the small and big screen! 

10. Cuba

Andy Garcia has been in our lives for a long time, but we don't mind it. We can't get over what a DILF he is! 

11. Bolivia

Bernardo Peña is a Bolivian actor that has appeared in numerous daytime soaps, including The Young & The Restless. We love watching him, and can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. 

12. Dominican Republic

Manny Perez knows how to show off his muscles in that tight shirt! We are just waiting for him to take it off, so we can see what's under there. 

13. Honduras

Carlos Mencia is good looking and he can make us laugh. The stud recently lost a lot of weight, and he's looking better each and every day!

14. Costa Rica

Who would have thought that Harry Shum Jr. had all that hiding underneath his shirt? Hubba Hubba, we see you Shum! 

15. Panama

Ruben Blades is a jack of all trades — and he looks good for 67! Blades has muscles and he has brains, and that is something we just can't resist. 

16. Puerto Rico

Amaury Nolasco is one man that will make us drool the moment he looks our way. All you have to do is look at his abs and take a moment to bask in their glory!