Five Minutes in Heaven: A Black & Brown Men Appreciation Gallery

Black and brown men are truly epic. They shape the notion of "cool" for their entire world with their talk and style of dress.

While some become NBA All-Stars, others set precedents in the courtroom. With President Barack Obama at the forefront, they are even becoming leaders of the free world. But when you turn on the news, or you scroll through Twitter, a different story is painted. Stories of men, and even boys as young as 13 years old, being slain by brute police force. Memes highlight the worst of character, while there is just so much more to the lives we see caricatured.

We love and appreciate the black and brown men in our lives, as well as the ones that make us swoon as they steam up our screens, make us move to their beats, and make us so proud. 

Enjoy five minutes in heaven scrolling through photos of some of our favorite sexy black and brown men. 

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