Resurfaced Video of Serena Williams and Ex Brett Ratner Will Make You Cringe

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Remember when Serena Williams and Latino director Brett Ratner dated back in the early 2000's? Don't worry, it's coming back to us too. Well in recent days, the director has made headlines due to multiple allegations of sexual misconducts being made against him. Around the same time last week, a video of the couple resurfaced and if there's one word to describe it– cringeworthy. 

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Back in 2005, the Williams sisters had a short run with their own reality TV show called "Venus and Serena: For Real." In Kardashian-like fashion, the tennis stars filmed their life both on and off the courts – this gave audiences the ability to see the real them. Ratner was dating Serena at the time and made an appearance on their show in 2005. In this episode, he joined Serena at a tennis match to watch her sister Venus play and tensions rose. Serena began the episode with talking about her relationship with the Cuban-American and described it as "...kind of hard because we live so far apart that we hardly ever get to see each other." 

As the two were filmed sitting in the stands, tensions were obvious from the start. The tennis star asked him about his whereabouts and Ratner just repeatedly grabbed her hand and face in hopes of a kiss he never got. Keeping her composure, she said his actions were "disturbing" and that she didn't want to date him anymore. It seems as though he couldn't take no for an answer. Laughing it off and still trying to lean in for a kiss, the director says "They don't do this on the Nick and Jessica show." 

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According to Vivala, many actresses including Olivia Munn and Paz de la Huerta have spoken out against him. These powerful stands have forced Ratner to cease business with Warner Bros. despite his attorney stating that up until now, no woman has ever accused him or made a claim of sexual harassment.  Ratner's actions in this clip below do not really help his case.