Selenis Leyva's Best Tips for Raising a Teen

Selenis Leyva knows about the struggles of being a mom. Here, we present to you some of the Orange is the New Black star's best tips for raising a teen

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1. Selenis Leyva/Teen Lessons 1

1.  Disciplining a teen is different than disciplining a child because teens will talk back.

2. Selenis Leyva/Teen Lessons 2

2. Remind your daughter how beautiful she is when she can’t see her own beauty. Having a Latina teen daughter, it’s important to remind her that there’s nothing wrong with her curves and to embrace them.

3. Selenis Leyva/Teen Lessons 3

3. Talk to your teen about sex. It’s your duty to make sure your teen gets the correct information from you and not their friends.

4. Selenis Leyva/Teen Lessons 4

4. You have to have real conversations with your teen in order for communication to be effective.

5. Selenis Leyva/Teen Lessons 5

5. Remind your teen that you understand them because you were once a teen, too.

6. Selenis Leyva/Teen Lessons 6

6. You won’t always agree on everything with your teen, and that’s okay.