10 Selena Songs Reimagined with Feminist Lyrics

10 Selena Songs Reimagined with Feminist Lyrics

Following a Latina feminist on Instagram? Chances are you’re going to spot a few photos of “La Reina de Tejano” Selena Quintanilla on your feed. The late mexicana may not have identified as a feminista or even ascribed to popular beliefs of the women's liberation movement (she was anti-choice and sex-negative), but she was a fierce mujer who shattered stereotypes and empowered women.

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For that, allow your heart to go "bidi bidi bom bom" to these intersectional feminist reimaginings of Selena hits.

1. “Como La Flor:” Ay, ay, ay como me duele ... el sexismo.

2. “Amor Prohibido:” Aunque soy pobre todo esto que te doy. No vale más que el dinero porque vivimos en una sociedad capitalista.

3. “Techno Cumbia:” Le mueves pa'ca, le mueves pa'lla, that’s what happens when our neighborhoods are gentrified.

4. “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom:” Cada vez, cada vez que lo veo la policía pasar (oooh) mmmm. Mi corazón se enloquece, y me empieza a palpitar (bidi bidi bom bom, ooh).

5. “Dreaming of You:” Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of new ways to crush the patriarchy.

6. “Fotos Y Recuerdos:” Y todo lo que me queda de tu amor, solo fotos y recuerdos – thanks to ICE’s deportation raids.

7. “El Chico Del Apartamento 512:” Cada dia es igual por mi pasillo. Nunca llego a mi puerta sin oir los piropos.

8. “I Could Fall in Love:” I can only wonder how touching you would make me feel, since we are separated by a steel border.

9. “Buenos Amigos” Si el sentimiento que nos une no es el mismo that doesn’t mean I’m friend-zoning you.

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10. "No Debes Jugar:" Cariño, ya basta de tus juegos. Que yo no soy ningún juguete. Amigo, esto no es justo. Que yo no estoy para servirte (OK, that one is perfect as is).