10 Selena Quintanilla Lyrics to Caption Your Next Instagram Pic

She may be gone, but her legacy is never forgotten. Twenty-two years after the tragic death of Selena Quintanilla, her music continues to be inspiración for us all — and even our Instagram. Struggling to come up with an IG-worthy caption? Look no further!

In celebration of the Mexican-Amercian singer, here are 10 Selena lyrics worthy of your next Instagram pic:

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1. Selena Video 1

For a concert pic of your favorite artist:

“Cada vez que lo oigo hablar me tiemblan hasta las piernas”

2. Selena Video 2

For a selfie with your Valentine's Day roses:

“Aunque soy pobre todo esto que te doy vale más que el dinero porque sí es amor”


3. Selena Video 3

For that selfie where your baby hairs are not cooperating:

“Yo tenía una esperanza en el fondo de mi alma que un día te quedaras"

4. Selena Video 4

For a sexy mirror picture after a bad breakup:

“Vergüenza debes tener si me quieres convencer que eres fiel y eres sincero."

5. Selena Video 5

For a couples pic with your very own Chico del Apartamento 512:

"El chico del apartamento 512 es el quien me hace tartamuda y mas es en quien yo pienso y sueño noche y dia"

6. Selena video 6

For a late-night selfie studying for finals:

"Late at night when all the world is sleeping I stay up and think of you"

7. Selena Video 7

For a #foodporn pic holding a burrito:

"Cause I could take in my arms and never let go. I could fall in love with you"

8. Selena video 8

For a night out with the girls after leaving your cheating boyfriend:

“Yo sé que tienes un nuevo amor sin embargo, te deseo lo major”

9. Selena video 9

For a picture when you're busting a move on the dance floor:

"Siento algo que me mueve un ritmo que me hace bailar"

10. Selena video 10

For your weekly Throwback Thursday Instagram posts:

"Solo fotos y recuerdos"