Selena Gomez Spreads Her Magic Through Many Mediums

Move over Miley Cyrus, Miss Selena Gomez has officially arrived. The Wizards of Waverly Place star has announced on her blog that she plans to film a web series titled "Under Pressure" that will document her personal experience recording her very first studio album. Both are tentatively scheduled for release this September.

Selena, 16, hopes that fans take away a can-do attitude after watching her journey, encouraging them to follow their hearts and not let anyone stand in the way of their dreams. She demonstrates a level of maturity beyond her years, acknowledging that she is out of her element and that she may struggle but is ultimately determined to succeed. She explains to her fans on her blog, "I am going through change, growth and failure just like everyone else, except mine is open for public scrutiny."

With all of these projects under way, you would think that it might get to Selena’s head, but the young star isn't taking this opportunity for granted, instead appreciating every step of the process. She continues, "I would like to thank the people that are willing to give me this chance and all the support I have received. I will never be able to express how much that has meant to me. I look forward to sharing a very venerable time in my life!" And we look forward to seeing it!