Selena Gomez Feeds Stray Puppies in Puerto Rico

Celebrities who give back are a dime a dozen, but they rarely look as genuine and motivated as Selena Gomez. The Wizards of Waverly Place star spent her weekend feeding abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico as part of an ongoing effort by nonprofits DoSomething and Island Dog to improve the treatment of animals in the Caribbean.

Gomez, who is on the island shooting a movie with her Wizards castmates Jake T. Austin and Maria Canals Barrera, blogged about the experience on MySpace. "The last time I was in PR shooting Princess Protection Program, we
noticed all of these stray dogs and puppies. We ended up finding out
that Puerto Rico has a 'dead dog beach'...sounds worse than it is but
people actually kill dogs for fun here...We are
spending the day feeding puppies, washing them and hanging out with
them. After we spend the day with them we are sending these dogs to
different places in the U.S, the no-kill dog shelters, so they can find a

We love that Gomez uses her free time in Puerto Rico to do good deeds instead of sunning herself on la playa all day long. That's time well spent!