Selena Gomez Doesn’t Cry Over Guys…Anymore

Remember how Bella spent countless excruciatingly painful days locked in her bedroom—utterly devastated by a broken heart because her lover, Edward Cullen, left her behind in Twilight: New Moon? Selena Gomez does too—and the Mexican starlet, 18, says she can relate.

"I have done that," admits Gomez, referring to Bella’s isolation post-heartbreak. "I once cried for two days straight every other second'"
Selena, who has been linked to Hollywood hotties like Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner and Nick Jonas, lets out a laugh. "But after that, I was done [crying]. I was like, 'I cried, it's over, and I'm going to move on!'" she says with a confidence that makes it apparent that she’s now very much in control when it comes to her love life.  
"All of these people that you’re dating are lessons, so more than likely they’re going to be people who will disappoint you, or who wont work out in the end. It’s just getting you that much closer to the right person. For me, I always say 'OK, on to the next lesson,' and move on."
So, the beautiful Disney starlet is not going to cry over boys anymore, but we have a feeling that a few guys might cry over her in the future. After all, this actress/ entrepeneur/pop star is one heck of a catch!