5 Reasons Selena & Chris Perez Will Always Be Our Fave Couple

Chris Perez and the late Selena gave us major #RelationshipGoals in their short time together. They were truly an incredible couple, standing against all odds and proving they were unbreakable. Here are five reasons why these two will always be our favorite couple:

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1. 1

Chris never got in the way of Selena's dreams. He let her blossom into the star she was meant to be.

2. 2

Selena and Chris were perfect together. They balanced each other out because while he was very shy, the Texas beauty was very outgoing.

3. 3

Their love conquered all obstacles. Although Selena's father forbid her from Chris, the two continued to date and eventually eloped.

4. 4

We love that they were friends before they got married. Perez was in Selena's band, Los Dinos, before they started dating romantically. 

5. 5

Chris was Selena's rock. At the 1993 Tejano Music Awards, she expressed just how much love she had for him. "I'd like to thank my husband, I love you. I just want to say happy pre-anniversary, ok, I love you."