EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Raising Her Kids with Freddie Prinze Jr.

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Raising Her Kids with Freddie Prinze Jr. Bilingual
Michael Simon, StarTraksPhoto.com

The lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar recently attended a back-to-school event at Crazy 8 in Los Angeles to browse the endless selection of kids clothes for her little ones Charlotte and Rocky. We caught up with the actress to talk about her game plan for back to school and if she and Freddie Prinze Jr. are raising their children to speak Spanish.

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Where do you like shopping for your kids for back to school?

Funny you should ask, there is this great place called Crazy 8. [Laughs] I think people look for different things when they are shopping for back to school and it is really important for kids even at a young age to learn how to express their individuality. We teach our kids all the time that it’s what’s inside that counts and that is true but it is also what is outside and what you are projecting to everyone else. It’s everyone’s first take away when they meet children. Everyone has different rules, for example, my daughter would love to where everything trendy that she sees on the older girls but that is not necessarily appropriate for her age. I love the fact that Crazy 8’s takes that into consideration. They will take what is trendy for whatever season and make it appropriate for young kids to wear. It’s also budget conscience. My kids grow two inches a nigh, I swear, and what fits them yesterday won’t fit them today so to be able to shop fashionably and be budget conscience I think is very important.

How do you and your husband Freddie Prinze Jr. split your parenting duties?

I think it’s really important that everything gets shared. I think that as parents you want to raise children that aren’t necessarily gender aware. It shouldn’t be “this is what mommy does and this is what daddy does” and the only way to stop that preconceived notion is to show them that everybody does everything. Mommy drops off at school some days and sometimes daddy drops off at school. Sometimes mommy makes dinner and sometimes daddy makes dinner.

Are you raising your kids to be bilingual and speak Spanish?

I think that it is important that they understand all cultures and they speak as many different languages as they can. My son’s Spanish and surpassed mine.

What is something that your family does for back to school that your kids really enjoy?

The thing about back to school that is really important is that you start talking about it before it just happens. There are a lot of changes that happen for kids; whether it’s news teachers, or new students coming to school, it can be intimidating for children. I think you have to sort of ease them into it. Summer is fun, you stay up later and rules are different and you don’t want them to think all the fun ends when school starts. It is about making it exciting and talking about new teachers and new classrooms.