Salma Hayek's High Class Honeymoon

Salma Hayek is living the good life these days, not that it was too shabby before she married gazillionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. But since her relationship began with the luxury goods scion, it has been nothing for the best for the sexy Mexicana actress/mother/producer.

The pair recently jetted off to the exclusive Seychelle Islands, off the Eastern Coast of Africa, for their honeymoon. Sources told In Touch magazine that Salma and Francois spent most of their time holed up in villa number 11, also known as the North Island Villa, complete with 3 private beaches, a garden and a plunge pool—luxuries that could be yours for the bargain basement price of $7,400 a night!

When they did finally come out for air, the couple were seen engaging in some serious PDA, frolicking on the beach, collecting seashells and taking an exciting ride on a fishing boat in the Indian Ocean. Oh, and did we mention how insanely HOT Salma is looking in a bikini these days?

Though the couple experienced some ups and downs before tying the knot, their story truly seems to have had a happy ending!