Salma Hayek's Email Hacked

Salma Hayek's email account was recently hacked. The hackers claim that they were able to gain access to the account simply by knowing Salma's birthday and the name of her most famous role to date (hint: rhymes with cheetah) and promptly posted screenshots of the actresses account on the on-line bulletin board

Although no scandalous details were revealed in any of the emails, they did give a glimpse into the life of one of the world's richest and most popular globe-trotting actresses. And some of those glimpses, as mundane as they seem, are quite fascinating.

We all know that Salma loves her some designer threads but the multi-hyphenate is apparently a devotee of Balenciaga and Stella McCartney in particular. She also really loves her iphone since she is constantly downloading applications for it. And just like any good mami, Hayek seems to devote a large percentage of her time to emailing pictures of her adorable little baby girl Valentina or "Vale" around to her besties. She's also partial to a procedure referred to as a "japanese face massage." We've never heard of it before, but if it keeps her looking like that, then we're down to try it out!

But the best part of all? Francois picks up the bill!

Check out screenshots and text of Salma's emails here.